New Family Enrollment


  • Submit this form along with the $150 enrollment fee.
  • Enrollment Fee (Only Fee Due at Enrollment)
    • $100 per family until March 8. Enrollment fee increases to $150 after March 8.
    • WISCONSIN PARENTAL CHOICE PROGRAM FAMILIES: If your student is currently participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program in the 2018-2019 school year no enrollment fee is due.
  • Kindergarten students require proof of age. Present original birth certificate to RCS Central Office for verification at time of enrollment. Student must turn 5 by September 1, 2019.
  • If you are transferring a student from another school, please complete the Release of Student Information Form (elementary) or Transfer Application Form (middle/high school). Available online.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation email upon completion of these steps.

New Student Information

To enroll a new student for your family, click the Add New Student button below.


Fill in each field for a student and click the Save New Student button. If you are enrolling more than one student, you will have an opportunity to add additional students.

Student First Name:

Student Middle Name:

Student Last Name

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Primary Phone:

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Work Phone:

Father/Guardian First Name:

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Primary Phone:

If parents are living at separate addresses, please list who has financial responsibility for tuition:

As a condition of enrollment, a copy of the portion of the custody decree that indicates who has primary placement and a copy of the current custody agreement must be on file at the Regis Catholic Schools Central Office or attending school.


Other Phone:



Work Phone:

School District of Residence:

Parish/Church Membership

Parish Membership

Please select a parish or choose None.

  • Immaculate Conception
  • Newman
  • Sacred Heart - St. Patrick
  • St. James the Greater
  • St. Mary's
  • St. Olaf
  • Please list parish.

  • Other
  • None

Family Referral

Did a current Regis Catholic School family refer you to RCS?

  • Yes
  • No

Please note:

  • Only one referral discount will be applied for each family per school year.
  • If at least one student of the New Family is entering grades 1-12, both the New Family and the Referring Family will receive a $500 referral discount off of tuition for the corresponding school year.
  • If the New Family has only one student and they are entering Kindergarten, the Referring Family will receive the $500 referral discount however; the New Family will not receive a referral discount as Kindergarten is already discounted 50% and no further discounts will apply.


Referring Family Parent(s) Full Name(s)


How did you hear about Regis Catholic Schools?
(postcard, church bulletin, TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Student's Maternal Grandparent(s)
City State Zip
Student's Paternal Grandparent(s)
City State Zip

2019-2020 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Kindergarten Grade 1-5
Grade 6-8
Middle School
Grade 9-12
High School
Tuition $1,694

Non-Parish Member Fee –   $1,200 per family
The non-parish fee applies to families who are not registered members of a parish that supports a Catholic School. Parish membership is verified on an annual basis.  This fee will be waived for new families the first year.  Beginning with the second year of enrollment, families are responsible for this fee if not a supporting parish member.  If you feel that you cannot afford this fee, we encourage you to apply for the Regis Catholic Schools St. Benedict Tuition Assistance Scholarship.

Other Fees

Enrollment Fee: $100 until March 8, 2019. $150 after March 8 for all families. $200 after July 15 for current families. Due at time of enrollment.

Family Fee: Each family is responsible for a $250 family fundraising fee.  Families can earn credits towards the fee by purchasing Scrip gift cards.  The balance of the fee will be invoiced in April 2020 for the 2019-2020 academic year. The balance is due in May 2020.

Other Fees: Certain high school courses, extra-curricular activities and athletics have participation fees.  If your child is enrolled in a course or participates in an activity with an additional fee, you will be given instructions on how to pay the fee. Participation fees must be paid in full before your child can participate in the activity.

Tuition Payment Method and Payment Plans

All tuition invoicing and payments are processed through FACTS Tuition Management Company.

New Enrolling Families: In July you will receive an email and letter from FACTS with instructions on how to set up your tuition payment account online and select your payment schedule.

Choice of the following:
  1. Payment in Full due July 20th ~ Receive $50 discount, No Plan Fees
  2. Payment in Full due August 20th, No Plan Fees
  3. Two Payment Plan due August and January, $10 Plan Fee
  4. Quarterly Payment Plan due August, November, February, and May, $45 Plan Fee
  5. 12 Month Payment Plan beginning July 2018 and ending June 2019, $45 Plan Fee
  6. 10 Month payment plan beginning August 2018 and ending May 2019, $45 Plan Fee
  7. Weekly Payment Plan – Every Friday August 3, 2018 – May 24, 2019, $45 Plan Fee


Tuition Assistance:

  • St. Benedict Scholarship Application (February 1-April 18)
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice (Voucher) Program Application (February 1-April 18 at 4 p.m.)
  • RCS Scholarship Application (Apply late winter/early spring)

    Specific application instructions for each program available on our website.

Enrollment Fee

This is the only fee that is due at time of Registration.

$150 Due at time of enrollment.

Please select a payment option from the choices below.

Payment should be dropped off or mailed to the RCS Central Office.

Your payment will be securely processed by PayPal. No PayPal account required.

When using Paypal it might take 24 hours to see your Paypal account update.

Enrollment Agreement

Decisions about enrolling students are based on a review and evaluation of student records, which may include attendance, behavior, and academics. 

Please check the box indicating your agreement.

Please check the box indicating your agreement.

In the case of a student’s early withdrawal – whether initiated by the family or by the Regis Catholic Schools’ Administration – tuition will be charged through the end of the academic quarter in which the student is enrolled. There is no refund on enrollment fees.


Please type your name and date in the box.

Mother/Guardian: Date:


When your enrollment is completed, click the Send Enrollment button below.

Please drop-off or mail the enrollment fee of $150 to complete your registration.
     RCS Central Office
     Attn: Enrollment Coordinator
     2728 Mall Drive, Suite 200
     Eau Claire, WI 54701

Next, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal site to pay your enrollment fee of $150. You may use your PayPal account or credit/debit card to process your enrollment fee.

No enrollment fee is due for choice families.

Please return to the New Students section and click the Save New Student button.

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